Friday, March 2, 2012

Bible Study on 1 Peter: Week 8

Week 8:

1 Peter 4:7-19

"Persevere with the End in Mind"

Here is the question from the publisher that I will answer this week:

Peter offers instructions on how to live with the end in mind. Placing a priority on prayer is of utmost importance. What two characteristics greatly enhance an authentic and consistent prayer life? Check yourself. How do you demonstrate these two characteristics?

  • The two character qualities that enhance an authentic and consistent prayer life are to be alert and to have a sober mind.
  • To be alert could mean to be aware or to use good judgment. I think this means to realize and be open to the things around us that need to be taken to the Lord in prayer. Paul says in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 to " pray without ceasing." We always need to take noticed of situations and people who need prayer.
  • Since in this passage Peter is referring to living with the 'end in mind,' then being alert can refer to watching and waiting for the coming of Jesus. Pray for those who do not yet know Christ that they might find Him before it is too late.
  • Having a 'sober mind' is another thing Peter mentions when referring to prayer. I think this can refer to taking your prayer life seriously and also trying to find to pray without distractions. Make prayer a discipline and take it seriously, knowing that God will hear and answer, instead of making it something that you just check off a list.
  • Prayer is something that my women's group has been working on a lot lately. We have committed to pray for one another and to grow in this area. I am already seeing the fruits of this discipline in my life.

Join me next week as we study 1 Peter 5:1-14:  "Strengthen Your Sacred Kin."

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