Friday, January 27, 2012

Bible Study on 1 Peter: Week 3

Week 3:

1 Peter 2: 4-10

"Rejoice that you Rock!"

Here is the question from the publisher that I am going to answer today:

Have you ever been given a nick name by someone close to you? How did that term of endearment make you feel? In 1 Peter 2:9 you are called by not one but four names:
  • A chosen people
  • A royal presthood
  • A holy nation
  • A people belonging to God
Which one of these speaks the most to you and why?

When I was 2 or 3-years old, my mom dressed me up as a cowgirl for Halloween, and Dad took me around the neighborhood Trick-or-Treating. Ever since then, Dad has called me "Cowgirl." It makes me feel special that my dad uses a nickname that is only for me. The name has endured, too. Even though I am now much older than 3 (not going to say how much older!), Dad still uses his special nickname for me.

God uses 4 special names for believers and the church in 1 Peter, which shows his great love for us. It also shows that he has a plan and a design for us as individuals and as a people. The name "chosen people" means the most to me, because of the "chosen" part. God chose us to be used for His glory. We should follow Him and be the kind of people that please God.

Join me next week as we study 1 Peter 2:11-25:  "Shadow the Servant."

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