Thursday, September 1, 2011

"The Lightkeeper's Daughter" Review

After receiving the second and third books as review copies, I had to once again get the first book in this series so that I could read the first one first! The Lightkeeper’s Daughter is the first in the “Mercy Falls” series by Colleen Coble.
Addie Sullivan has lived a sheltered life as the daughter of a Lightkeeper and his wife in a small seaside town in California. The only thing to disturb her tranquil life is a recurring nightmare that involves the feeling of almost drowning. But in 1907, a storm brings an unexpected visitor to their lighthouse, one who claims that Addie is not who she thinks she is. Years ago, young Julia Eaton was thought lost to a shipwreck, but this visitor is sure that Addie is Julia.
Addie is convinced to return with him to Mercy Falls, California, to meet her ‘real’ family and to act as governess to a young boy. While there, even more than her true identity comes to light, and Addie will have to decide what risks she will take to have a chance at life and love.
When I first started reading this book, I was drawn into the story immediately. The cast of characters was a bit confusing at first, but once I sorted them out (I really should have written it down…), I was able to enjoy the mystery surrounding Addie and her family. I really liked the suspense/mystery aspect of this novel. I have read a lot of historical romance lately, and the fact that this one had a little more to it than just the romance was enjoyable.
As for the romance between Addie and John, I liked that they actually talked to each other in a straightforward manner. So often in novels, the main romantic characters dance around the issues and never get to the point. There are many misunderstandings that could be solved if the characters would just TALK to each other! This book didn’t have that feeling to me--I think because the character of Addie pretty much just said what she thought. I liked that about her. I did think, though, that Addie and John fell in love rather quickly. They barely knew each other for a month (or so, I think), and they were planning to get married. Maybe that was the time period; maybe not. I just thought they needed a little more time to get to know one another. (I actually felt this way about all three novels in this series, so you will be hearing this again soon!)
Even though I thought the story dragged a bit in the middle and that the dialogue was a little disjointed at times, I still enjoyed this book. I absolutely loved how the mystery at the end tied in with the beginning of the novel. I didn’t see it coming at all, and that is rare for me. As a little bit of a preview, I enjoyed the mysteries in the next two books in this series even more!
The highlight of reading this book for me was that I actually got to meet the author, Colleen Coble, while I was reading it! She was attending the Women of Faith conference that I attended (click here for my post), and through a series of messages on Twitter, I was able to meet her! She was very gracious and even signed my copy of The Lightkeeper’s Daughter. And all because I happened to send a tweet that I was currently reading The Lightkeeper’s Daughter at a Women of Faith Conference!
I will give The Lightkeeper’s Daughter by Colleen Coble… 4 BookWorms!

Thanks so much to Colleen Coble for meeting with me! My reviews of the next two books in this series will be posted in the next month or so.

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  1. I am on the same tour as you for This Bird Flew Away. My tour date is Sept. 27th. Will stop by on your tour date if not before then. I am now following you on Google, Facebook and Twitter.

    I have read Lightkeeper's Daughter and looking forward to reading books 2 & 3 in the series.

    Patricia aka Mamaw