Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Shoopette's Book Reviews" is Born

Ahh...Books. I love them.

I cannot even remember a time when I didn't know how to read.

When I was a child, I loved going to the library...I thrilled to go to a bookstore and use my allowance to get the next book in the series I was reading...I would even set up my own "bookstore" at home with all of my books and "sell" them to my Dad (or catch him stealing them!).

As a young adult, I was always "in the middle of" a book. When I finished one, I started on another. A lot of my free time in between school and piano and clubs and being with friends was spent reading.

As an adult, I still love to read, but my consumption of books has slowed. My daughter coming along had a lot to do with that, of course! That is one reason I am very excited to be starting this blog. I want to get back to my love of books. I want to sometimes turn off the TV or computer and enjoy a good page-turner. I have tried to read eBooks on my iPod or on a Kindle, but there is just something about holding a book in your hands that cannot be duplicated.

This blog will be dedicated to my thoughts on the books I have read. Some of them will be books publishers have sent to me to read. Others will be books that I have read over the years and enjoyed. I am also involved in a Book Club through my church, so I will be commenting on those books as well.

I hope you enjoy my blog, and that you will share in my love of reading!!!



  1. Great blog, Sara. I especially liked the story about your Dad trying to sneak books from your bookstore. He must be quite a guy.

  2. Your blog looks great.

    Our company has been representing authors for the past twenty years. We would love to add you to our database to receive press releases from them regarding books applicable to the genres you review.

    Thank you in advance,

    Ken Eason
    Bostick Communications