Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Samsung TV Campaign

Samsung Crystal UHD 4K TV - 58"

From the manufacturer:

Discover the hidden details on screen at four times the quality of Full HD with the Samsung Crystal UHD TV. The Crystal display allows for crystal clear, vibrant colors, displaying your content in realistic perfection. Samsung HDR unveils a gambit of color shades and tones for a better depth of picture whether you're gaming, streaming, or watching live TV.


My Thoughts:


  • Stunning picture clarity
  • Vivid colors
  • Outstanding size - 58" is a nice size for our basement family room
  • Slim profile
  • Lots of available apps to download and use for streaming (love the Apple Music features)
  • Sound is decent



  • First product we received had a bad power board (made a screeching noise when on). Samsung service was responsive, but the TV repair company representative was not great
  • Slight remote response delay
  • Software is a bit buggy - have had some issues with downloading apps - we had to unplug the TV and plug it back up in order to get some apps to download 


My Husband's Thoughts:

The Samsung UHD 4K has been a great TV. The picture quality is the best quality we have ever had on a TV. It is very crisp and clear, which has been great. The audio is good, too. We are not a big audio family, so we do not tax it any, but it has certainly sounded good to us. 

We have had a few difficulties getting different apps to install on the Samsung OS. We have tried to install the app and had to turn the TV off and back on again in order to get them to install. The OS is also not as intuitive as some other TVs we have had, but is not annoying enough to not get this TV in the future. Overall, a good TV.  

Since we had some issues in the beginning with this TV, we have only been using it for about a week. But so far, it has been a great TV. It is a fantastic addition to our basement family room. 

We are planning to watch Star Wars IV on it tonight! 😀


For more information on this TV, please visit the Samsung site here: 




***I received this product at a discounted price for my honest review from The Insiders*** 


Thursday, September 3, 2020

LG TONE true Wireless earbuds

The LG TONE Free HBS-FN6 Earbuds (white) so far have been really great! 

The sound for music is really good, and I have been able to easily connect to my phone and my laptop. I have been able to make and receive calls, and the clarity was really good on both ends. 

One thing that I really like is how you can change the volume/on/off controls and set them how you want them. When I first started using the earbuds, I kept turning them off when I was trying to turn the volume up and down! It was an easy fix to switch those two controls, and now I am able to control the volume much more easily. 

The earbuds fit well in my ears (with the smallest cover used - I have small ears), and I am able to walk around the house or outside and listen to music or audiobooks on my phone very easily. 

The wireless charging case is very nice as well. It is nice looking, and it has a UV light to kill germs. I'm not sure I have ever had an issue with germs on my earbuds, but it is a nice feature anyway. 

The battery life on these earbuds is also excellent. 

The only thing that has not worked well with these earbuds is when I am transcribing audio with my transcription software on my laptop. There is a little bit of a delay between when the audio is started and when you can hear it in the earbuds which makes it difficult to use for transcription. But this is a common thing with wireless earbuds/headphones, so I won't hold it against these earbuds. 

Overall, this is a great pair of wireless earbuds with a good price point, and I recommend them. 




"Room for Hope" by Kim Vogel Sawyer

In a desperate time, can Neva find forgiveness for a grievous wrong—and make room for hope?
Neva Shilling has a heavy load of responsibility while her husband travels to neighboring communities and sells items from his wagon. In his absence, she faithfully runs the Shilling Mercantile, working to keep their business strong as the Depression takes its toll, and caring for their twins.

When a wagon pulls up after supper, Neva and her children rush out—and into the presence of the deputy driving a wagon carrying three young children. The deputy shocks her with the news that Warren and his wife have died, insisting it was their last request that the three children go live with “Aunt Neva.”

Neva’s heart is shattered as she realizes that Warren’s month-long travels were excuses for visits with his secret family. She wants nothing more than to forget Warren, but can she abandon these innocent children to an orphanage? Yet if she takes them in, will she ever be able to see them as more than evidence of her husband’s betrayal and love them the way God does?

For more information on this title, click here.

Kim Vogel Sawyer is the highly acclaimed, best-selling author of gentle stories of hope such as What Once Was Lost and Through the Deep Waters. With more than one million books in print, Kim has garnered numerous awards including the ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) Carol Award, the Inspirational Readers Choice Award, and the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence. She lives in central Kansas with her retired military husband Don. She enjoys travel, quilting, and spending time with her daughters and grandchildren.