Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"Jump Off the Hormone Swing" Review

About the Book:

Let's face it:  PMS and peri-menopause symptoms can alter how you feel physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Offering wise counsel, practical help, biblical wisdom, and humor, Lorraine Pintus explains how hormones affect your body and relationships; suggests coping strategies; and helps you keep a positive, God-honoring perspective through it all!

In Jump Off the Hormone Swing, Lorraine Pintus shares openly about the inner tension a woman can feel at certain times of the month between wanting to love her neighbor on one hand, and wanting to strangle her and shoot her ugly dog on the other. While many books discuss the physical and emotional symptoms of hormones, this is the first to explore in depth the spiritual aspects. Jump! is a mentoring book, not a medical book. The focus is on attitude, not anatomy. Lorraine shares insights from her own journey as well as wisdom from 1,500 women she surveyed. Sound biblical wisdom is laced with humor because after all, when it comes to hormones, you either have to laugh or cry, and laughing is better!

About the Author:

LORRAINE PINTUS graduated from the University of Nebraska with a BA in journalism and dabbled briefly in politics as a lobbyist and press manager for a gubernatorial candidate. She has been a media relations manager for Frito-Lay/PepsiCo., Inc. and with her husband owned an IBM store before becoming a promotion manager for the University of California, Irvine. Lorraine now proudly serves as "vice president" of the Pintus Household where she is wife to Peter and driver to her teenage daughters Mandy & Megan. In her spare time, she writes books and travels all around the world with her dear friend and co-author of Intimate Issues, Linda Dillow. Lorraine and Linda speak to tens of tousands of women each year, telling them of the hope and healing they can know through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 
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My Take:

Up until a few years ago, I never really thought I had issues with hormones. I had some symptoms of PMS, but nothing too bad.

After getting pregnant and having my daughter, everything changed. My hormones and cycles have been so out of whack since then. I even currently take medication because of issues with one hormone. And I have more PMS symptoms that I have ever had in my life.

That's why this book was so good for me, and why I would recommend it to all women! I can't tell you how many times I thought, "How does she know exactly what I am thinking?" or "I am so glad I am not the only one to think/feel/do that!" while reading this book. Bringing the spiritual aspect into this topic really tied everything else (the practical, the mental, the physical) together into a whole.

There is also a 10-week Bible Study in the back of the book, which was such an excellent resource. I was able to incorporate it into my regular Bible study easily.

Lorraine Pintus has created a wonderful tool to help women understand themselves more fully while realizing that ultimately we are accountable to God. This book helped me come to a place where I can better handle every day of the month knowing that God's grace, strength, and forgiveness are always available to me.

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